We train military professionals to be fit for the fight and life.

Hi, my name is Chris Reardon, an active duty Marine Major with 13+ years of active service, who is the Founder and Executive Director of Freedom Fitness America. Freedom Fitness America's mission is to facilitate coaching for military professionals to be fit for the fight and life; namely to be physically, mentally, and spiritually prepared for the violence of combat and tackling the obstacles of everyday life. Our organization is composed of professionals who are experts in military life as well as fitness and wellness. We seek to enhance military human performance by increasing the "total fitness" of military professionals in body, mind, relationships, and soul. My colleagues in this cause include but are not limited to MSgt John Rudd, USMC; LT Steve Pate, US Navy Chaplain Corps, and Col Patty Klop, USMCR.  To learn more about my personal story in founding this organization, go to the following blog post: The Story to Train Military Professionals to Be Fit for the Fight and Life.

My team and I specialize in implementing an innovative approach to unit training and individual service members' readiness that combines unit physical training as well as outdoor tactical training with relevant hard-hitting leadership development guided video content discussions presented by relatable speakers. We present through virtual coaching easy-to-implement “train the trainer” methodologies as well as user-friendly tools that seamlessly help military units integrate a system of total fitness into busy battle rhythms. 

Our training methodologies can be linked to results in one unit of 800 Marines and Sailors of achieving an 80% drop in suicidal ideations, an 80% drop in sexual assaults, and a significant drop in substance abuse over the course of 1 year. In another unit where a similar methodology to Freedom Fitness America was employed, there were no suicidal ideations over the course of pre-deployment workups and during deployment with only 9 of the 900 couples represented in the unit going through a divorce.

Besides making a substantial difference that can be seen, the military professionals who have gone through this training have expressed satisfaction in getting together to work out hard, build camaraderie, and develop new approaches to leadership and human development that had not been explored up to that point.  

To help you understand the Return on Investment by donating tax-deductible gifts to this organization, consider the following:

$25: This allows us to conduct outreach to 1 military leader associated with a unit size of upwards of 1000 military professionals.

$40: This allows us to onboard the leadership of 1 military unit sized of upwards of 1000 professionals.

$100: This allows us to conduct monthly video conference training and back-end support to a military unit sized of upwards of 1000 professionals.

$1200: This allows us to conduct monthly video conference training with back-end support to a military unit size of upwards of 1000 professionals.

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FREEDOM FITNESS AMERICA is funded by generous gifts from friends like you. FREEDOM FITNESS AMERICA is an entity that is part of Priority Living, Inc., a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

If you want to donate using a check, use the online form below or mail it making checks payable to: Priority Living Inc. and in the memo section of your check please write FREEDOM FITNESS AMERICA. Mail checks to:

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